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My last update to my website was in early 2012 and that was no easy task. When my website host (Yahoo) stopped supporting Microsoft Frontpage extensions in 2011, I had a difficult time updating the website by tediously and manually updating HTML code. Around that time I purchased Expression Web 4.0 and intended to delve into learning how to rebuild my website all over again. I am no web designer just a bit ambitious and self-reliant with anything computer related to want to do everything myself.

A major relocation from Southern California to the Pacific Northwest in late 2011 as well as a hectic exhibit schedule took any spare time away, further placing updating the website into the back burner.

It seemed that there was always another project getting in the way and next it was working nearly two years on compiling my second book Bead Metamorphosis. which I finished editing in October 2014. The book was published and released January 2015. During the time I was working on book projects, I decided to open the Aria Design Studio Etsy shop in March 2013. The shop offered a carefully curated selection of bead supplies I used for my book projects and magazine articles. It was the beginning of the two-hole bead revolution. I built an impressive product selection of SuperDuos while also managing the daily necessities of the shop, working on finishing Bead Metamorphosis, writing articles and exhibiting at shows. This meant updating the website was again not on the forefront of my focus. Life happened after the book was released and I desperately needed a break from designing so I worked on developing one of the largest collections of handpainted Czech glass button selections. My shows now expanded into fibers and textiles too.

In the summer of 2015 we were finally able to put our Southern California home on the market. After nearly a month of preparations, our house sold in less than a week. After being in a rental home for three years, we began thinking of setting up permanent roots in Vancouver, Wa to find a dream property on 7.5 acres. Finally room to grow and space to breathe. So in winter of 2015 another major life event occurred and we moved! The website still sat in it's sorry state while Yahoo was transitioning to it's new owner Aabaco. I couldn't even update the site with news of my book, Bead Metamorphosis. Then finally during this past holiday, I discovered that Microsoft Expression Web was now an obsolete software not compatible with Windows 10 and no longer being supported. I decided to research online site builders to read several glowing reviews of It was time and there was no more procrastinating. The website is now being re-developed into a more simplified look and easier navigation that is mobile friendly. It will be a priority project in 2018 and I will tackle this task myself, slowly but surely. Join me in this journey of new beginnings and new challenges. I hope to also share insights on my design process, inspirations and glimpses into my creative endeavors. Happy New Year!

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