Thursday Tease: May 30, 2019

This Thursday I want to share the inspiring microscopic bio-art photography of scientist/artist Lindend Gledhill. This photo is of interference patterns in soap and oil film.

Thursday Tease: May 23, 2019

Today I want to share this macro of rose thorns. I thought they were exceptionally beautiful. You be the judge. Have a great Memorial weekend!

Thursday Tease: May 16, 2019

This week I want to share the work of one of my customers from Canada who is a costume designer. Her specialty is Game of Thrones inspired costumes which she offers on her Etsy shop. She utilizes our Italian mesh ribbon for embroidery and has some of the best made renditions of beautiful costumes you've see from the show if you are a fan! Take a look at some of Marie-Claude Gaultier's work below. I am constantly inspired by costume designs for which the techniques can be miniaturized for beadwork and bead embroidery in jewelry. I haven't beaded in some time, as other activities have kept me occupied and busy, but if it's like riding a bike, you never forget. And when I return to beading, I h

Thursday Tease: May 9, 2019

This week's color inspiration is PURPLE. Actually purple inspires me everyday of the week, as my favorite color to design with. The photo is of Cleome hassleriana spider flower. So much movement in this photo. Happy early Mother's Day weekend Enjoy the sun!

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