Thursday Tease: June 27, 2019

There was a big thunderstorm here last night. Big for us, at least. The storm tipped over four of my potted Japanese maple trees. I just fixed them and fortunately there were no damages to the branches just some fallen leaves. My mind works in strange ways. This made me think of plants that like water and I found this photo of a lotus blossom in my archives. What a beautiful flower. And one that I have captured in beadwork. Now I am imagining many more flowers I can recreate in beads! (Closing my eyes momentarily and daydreaming!)

Thursday Tease: June 20, 2019

Yesterday I came across a photo of the Papaver somniferum "Drama Queen" poppy and just knew I had to share this as an inspiration. I never imagined combining red and purple in a design but as nature often does, it teaches us to think outside of our comfort zones. I'm more of a jewel tone person. For the longest time I avoided adding gold seed beads to my designs and preferred bronzes instead but these days I like to add a hint of 24kt charlottes here and there. Change is good. Here's Papaver somniferum "Drama Queen". With that name, you know it will take center stage in any garden.

Thursday Tease: June 6, 2019

This week, the inspirational post comes to you from Milwaukee and the Bead and Button Show. There is just something about the dragonfly, perhaps because it symbolizes rebirth and renewal or that my favorite artist Rene Lalique created the Dragonfly woman that became the inspiration to my company logo.... but here it is - the dragonfly as this Thursday's Tease.

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